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Cultivator Circle

Paving the Way

Become part of the Shalom Farms Cultivator Circle, our generous match donors, and help us grow and energize support throughout the year.

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What is the Cultivator Circle?

The Cultivator Circle is a group of Individuals, Businesses, or Organizations who have pledged monetary gifts to invest in the advancement of Shalom Farms’ programs. These gifts, used as match funding, help encourage new and previous supporters to make a donation during key times of need for the organization (such as late April ahead of the Mobile Market season launching, early August ahead of fall crop planting, and December when the farm team prepares broadly for the upcoming year with tool & seed purchasing and equipment repairs.) The Cultivator Circle is a group of energizers who expand the reach of the mission through funding.

How much do I need to pledge to be on the Cultivator Circle?

Cultivator Circle pledges begin at $1000. The more generous you are able to be, the more impact your gift will have.

What do I get for joining the Cultivator Circle?

Every pledge will receive recognition through social media posts, e-newsletters, and the corresponding yearly annual report as part of the Cultivator Circle. Pledges $2000 and above will also receive an engraved brick to be placed in our new, visit-able path on the Northside farm. Bricks can be engraved with a tribute (memory or honor), name, or short mutually-approved phrase. Cultivator Circle participants also receive the knowledge that they are furthering Shalom Farms’ food access work through visible support and ambassadorship. We can’t do this without you.

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